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Hotel reputation management

Collect, manage and respond to online reviews all from one place. Reputation management can help you improve your web visibility.

Why are hotel reviews important?


people use online reviews to select a hotel to stay


people wouldn’t book at hotel with no reviews


TripAdvisor users believe that hotels that respond to reviews care for their guests.

  • Reviews strengthen your online presence

  • Your guests can have a clear idea about your services

  • Win trust of your potential guests and increase your bookings.

Everything you need to know

The practise of hotel reputation management include tracking, managing, and responding to all hotel reviews received across all channels. As a result, bookers gain a clear understanding of the services supplied by hotels, and hotels gain a sense of trust. Hotels, on the other hand, can analyse guest behaviour and do sentiment analysis. The information gleaned from these exercises can aid them in determining the potential for overall business expansion. Additionally, the proper application of hotel review management can contribute to greater brand value, repeat guests, and income for hotels.

Bring all your online reviews at one place

RepuTrust gathers all of your online reviews in one place, from OTAs and metasearch sites like TripAdvisor to your hotel website, Facebook, and Google. As a result, your hotel review management will be more efficient.

Highlight the best of your hotel

RepuTrust provides an accurate assessment of your property. As a result, you determine which services are the most and least popular. Furthermore, it allows you to send reviews to the appropriate department via email when you receive praise or criticism for any of your services.

Review management gets organized

RepuTrust divides your reviews into two categories based on the action required. Additionally, it detects the sites that place you in the spotlight. Additionally, you can easily store and go through your previous reviews.

Get more reviews on TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor Review Express service is partnered with RepuTrust. You can get additional TripAdvisor reviews for free through this service. So it's not just about managing reviews, but also about getting more.

Sentimental analysis

Sentimental analysis is used by the online hotel reputation management software to understand your customers' attitude when they leave a review. So that you can acquire their honest feedback on your services.

Make your responses faster

Because you have all of your reviews in one location, you can respond to them more quickly. RepuTrust for hotels also allows you to save pre-written answer templates. As a result, you may quickly alter and use them as needed.

Detailed review reports

Through graphs and reports, RepuTrust provides you with extensive performance insights on your services over a specific time period. As a result, you have the opportunity to improve the services that are underutilised.