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Frequently Asked Questions

Techneeq hotel booking engine is a web-based software solution that enables hotels to receive direct online reservations. The booking engine can be installed on a hotel's website, Facebook page and mobile website. The property retains full control over the software.


The information for installing the booking engine system will be sent to your email address after you create your sign up. You can forward this info to your webmaster and ask him to do the 

TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions offers a wide variety of hospitality management products designed for innovating the hospitality industry.

  • Mobile App
  • Booking Engine
  • Chatbot
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Channel Manager
  • Design and Website Development

TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions products are specially designed for small-to-medium hotel chains or independent hotel establishments that want to grow and scale their business. We offer customized software that aims to solve the most common operational, financial, and managerial problems and challenges hoteliers face today. 

There is no requirement for using TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions’ products. There’s no need for previous knowledge or usage of other hotel management systems to start using our products. We will help you with onboarding, training, and implementation so you can effortlessly manage your hotel. 

You can apply online through our website.

Dynamic pricing is a special feature in TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions’ eManager Express. Our AI-operated algorithm uses your customized pricing parameters and strategy to calculate the best room rates for every booking platform every day and automatically adjusts it to reflect changes in the market, customer behavior, and competitor rates. Read more about Dynamic Pricing. 

TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions is a SaaS (“software as a service”) company that provides digital solutions to hoteliers to help them achieve business goals, increase occupancy, maximize revenue, and improve their hotel’s overall performance. Should you decide to avail of a system, we’ll have dedicated consultants and experts available to address your needs and help with strategy using our systems. 

If you would like to transition to TECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions products, our onboarding team can help you transfer files, integrate systems, and migrate processes. TECHNEEQ products also work seamlessly with most marketing, management, and operational systems in the market. 

Yes, all TEECHNEEQ Hospitality Solutions products come with trial periods before customers are required to commit to a contract.