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With AI-powered chatbots, you can be there for every conversation. With an all-powerful chatbot builder, you can automate sales. Choose from dozens of ready-to-use templates and experiment with fresh lead generation methods. 

Today’s marketing and sales teams are under pressure to produce results and continuously improve the customer experience. It’s a huge responsibility. Not to mention today’s consumers’ ever-increasing demands (aka, the Amazon effect). People want immediate responses and expect them to be accurate. This can be done with humans up to a certain point, after which technology must be used. This is why forward-thinking businesses have turned to chatbots for assistance.

Increase their website conversion rate

Marketers put in a lot of effort to get traffic to their website, only to have 0.25 percent to 1.0 percent of that traffic convert.

Increase the number of qualifying leads

It would be ideal if we could speak with each lead and confirm that they are a good fit before scheduling a meeting. Most organizations can’t do that at scale, in reality. Bots can assist with lead qualification and sales acceleration by utilizing advanced qualification logic.

Combat high volume inquiries

AI chatbots are incredibly fascinating, and they’re at the cutting edge of both artificial and human intelligence. Today’s AI chatbots can assist you with everything from ordering pizza to navigating a complex B2B sales process.