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Manage All Booking Websites From One Place

The Channel Manager is a platform to manage every online distribution channel – OTAs, GDS/IDSs, Metasearch, Wholesalers, Direct reservations and many more.

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Increase Your Revenue by Selling More Rooms

Connect with 150+ OTAs, GDS, Channels & Metasearch

Grow Your Revenue
Maximum Visibility
Save Cost
Save Time

Showcase your property on all of the most popular booking sites. Real-time management of your rooms and rates.

  • Promoting your property on 2+ channels could double your bookings

  • Promoting your property 5+ more channels could further increase bookings by up to 40%

  • Our channel manager gives you more choice and exposure than any other provider, integrating with over 150+ booking channels, your favorite PMSs and mobile apps.


Manager your rooms and rates in one place

Always in sync

Your rates and availability are always in sync in real time. The Techneeq Channel Manager automatically updates everything when a guest books on an OTA or your property’s website.

One-click rate changes

It’s now easier than ever to manage your pricing and distribution strategy. By updating your rates in just a few clicks, you can save time and keep your pricing competitive.

Maximize occupancy & avoid overbookings

Avoid overbookings by maximizing your occupancy. Connect to hundreds of online distribution channels with confidence that manual errors and switching between extranets will no longer result in double bookings.

Create a distribution strategy and automate it.

Centralize your inventory

Sell rooms from a single pool of inventory and have your inventory automatically mapped from your PMS to your booking engine and OTAs.

Reliable, real-time updates

Receive real-time availability updates from and to your PMS, so you never miss a beat or have to deal with overbookings.

Easy Customization

You have complete control over how you sell rooms. Set different pricing for each channel, sell in preferred currency, and personalize automated emails.